Episode List Edit

Episode 1: "Go! Extreme Race"

Summary:There is a racing version of the survival battle being held where you run alongside your bey. Once your bey stops spinning, you're out. It begins as everyone launches their beys. Jake battles Nicole while David challenges Leon. A mysterious cloaked wheeler defeats many beys at once. Nicole defeats Jake with her special move. Matthew quickly defeats Gigante and Lucy confronts Marche.

Episode 2: "The Explosive Challenge Race"

Summary: With his special move, Leon defeats David. Lucy and Marche begin an intense match and Odin challenges Matthew. It's intense, and a clash between Destroyer's Taos Sword and Zurafa's Inferno Smasher, it ends as a draw, eliminating them both. Sho challenges Glen and it ends with Pegasus's Tachyon Winger. The cloaked wheeler defeats Covey quickly. With a special move, Marche defeats Lucy. The cloaked wheeler takes off his hood and he is challenged by Jin,

Episode 3: "The Fangs of Rex"