Episode ListEdit

I'm writing this series with Tigerfoot. Episode 1:"The Blazing Dragon" Fetured bey: Blazing Dracon

Summary: Sakura and her bey, Blazing Dracon (a black blazing dragon), are the best bladers in town. A boy named Ren asks Sakura to meet his team. While waiting, Sakura battles Ren and his bey, a balance-type Cyclone Eponine(A red horse). Ren uses his special move, Cyclone Charger, which collides with Dracon's Blaze Driver. Sakura wins in the end.

Episode 2: "The New Team" Featured Bey:Grand Zurafa

Summary:Suki, a member of Ren's team, explains that the others decided to quit the team. Ren claims that Sakura could join the team, and they could have a team of three. Suki decides to challenge Sakura to see if she could join them. Suki's bey is a stamina type Grand Zurafa. Dracon attacks many times, but Zurafa doesn't move. Suki then uses her special move, Grand Wall, which creates a large wall of gold energy around Zurafa. Dracon can't break the wall, but flies up and crashes it with Blaze Driver. After a large explosion, both beys are defeated. Suki welcomes Sakura to their team.