Episode List Edit

Takes place after Metal Spirit.

Episode 1: "A Dream For The World" Featured Bey:Burst Saggitario

Summary:Before Ryuga died, he told Kenta of his vision for the world of Beyblade. He said that battles need not be won. If the bladers true strength and heart are shown, there doesn't have to be a winner. With his bey, Burst Saggitario, Kenta plans to make Ryuga's dream reality.

Episode 2: "Garcias Attack" Featured Bey:Cyclone Herculeo

Summary:Ian, Selen, and Enzo want to get revenge since Kenta defeated Argo. Kenta agrees and the battle begins. Herculeo, and both Gashers attack Saggitario fiercely. Ian uses Blaze Slash and Selen and Enzo use Double Slumdog Driver. Kenta uses Bursting Arrow. In the special move clash, both Gashers are defeated. Ian is ready to finish the battle, but Kenta picks up his Saggitario, claiming the battle need not continue. He then, walks away.

Episode 3: "Wings Of Spirit" Featured Bey:Nova Pegasus

Summary:Kenta is challenged by Gingka. The battle commences in a new built arena. Kenta takes the defense while Gingka goes for offense. Pegasus delivers many attacks to Saggitario, who does nothing. Gingka prepares to finish things with Nova Flame Burst. Kenta uses his Bursting Arrow. The moves clash fiercely. However, Kenta calls back Saggitario, claiming he is connected with it. Kenta asks Gingka if he is connected with Pegasus. Kenta leaves, and Gingka is wondering if his connection to Pegasus has been severed.

Episode 4: "Begin! The Biome Battle!" Featured Bey:Burst Saggitario

Summary:The WBBA starts a new tournament, the Biome Battle. In this tournament, battles take place in many different biomes. It's like the survival battle, you go around battling. Kenta defeats a lot of bladers, knowing he has to win if he is to battle Gingka in the finals. Gingka wins many battles as well. Gleaming eyes are seen watching Kenta from far away.

Episode 5: "Destroyer's Black Sword" Featured Bey:Gravity Destroyer

Summary:Kenta is by a lakeshore when Julian appears and challenges him to a battle. Kenta notices that Destroyer is spinning left. Julian is entered to regain his lost pride and defeat Gingka. Destroyer seems to be gaining the edge over Saggitario, but Kenta backfires and delivers a strong blow that knocks Destroyer into the lake. Julian uses Black Excalibur which creates a swirling black vortex of water. Julian plans to finish the battle with the vortex. However, Saggitario charges in with Bursting Arrow. In the explosion, Destroyer is defeated. Kyoya wins many battles at once.